onsdag 13 augusti 2014


me and my buddy E.H. Lillkung (drums) decided to record some random tunes one evening

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Last week's photography, in between these worlds

måndag 3 mars 2014


This is my latest design project. It’s called Abisko.

The story behind the lamp comes from contemporary historians who claim that in thousand years or something they will refer our time to the generation of technology. That is because anywhere we go, we can easily pick up a device and call a friend who is living on the other side of the planet. And there is no matter of course that we ever met this person in the physical life.

These so called phones that we are so found of are not even just phones anymore. They tell us our daily schedule, time of the day and the exact location in a city that will help us get to a certain point which by the way everybody will know about in a couple of seconds if we choose to share the information online.

We are constantly bombarded with impressions. It's like a nightmare. We can reach the satisfaction within an arm length to our pockets anytime. Still it is getting quite hard to reach the state of a peaceful mind when we come home to our computers, televisions and video games.

That’s why I decided to design a lamp which is inspired by the Nordic nature. Everybody need to recharge their energy every ones and then. Instead of bringing more flashy high technological equipment into our homes, I wanted to create a calm and relaxing light source.

This lamp therefor stand as a reminder of our natural origin. The lamp has an aesthetic touch of life and earthiness simultaneously with a simple and peaceful design. The tripod is made from poles, which was used in the Nordic countryside when hay was piled up in the fall. The timber comes from the tree spruce, therefor it is not straight. 

The skew and natural form is more appealing to me compared with most of the electronic devices we have in our home. The lampshade is natural white in order to create a smooth feeling in tune with the wooden feet.


tisdag 18 februari 2014

Back in Fineland

Overall I had a good trip to Sweden. Lots of work, long days, but also many parties and new connections to undiscovered countries.

Platform was truly satisfied with Patrik Qvist's interactive installation. It was a collaboration between him and Platform since he was our guest artist in the residency program last year. It was well appreciated among other exhibitors too and about 400 people participated during the weekend and brought home a piece of artwork.

But I was also almost mugged. Two guys came up to me when I was walking home from a party one morning. They asked me for directions but I don't know my way around Stockholm so I just said I'm from Finland. They asked me questions how things are in Finland while they started to get unusually close to me. One of them asked me if he could have the rest of my falafel burger and I said here you go, because I wanted to get rid of them. When he was holding my snack I noticed that he was reaching for my pocket at the same time.

I pushed him away and said what the fuck? The other guy then came on to me and punched me right in the chest. Fortunately I was responding quick enough to hit him back in the face. The other was still holding my burger while flapping his arms around me. He looked like a fool, but I had to hit him because he just didn't stop. The other did a second attempt but I grabbed his cock and twisted it until he was screaming breathless.

I didn't see any blood come from neither of them, but they had to be in pain. The guy who reached for the inside of my pocket was screaming hysterically in an unfamiliar language, too afraid of doing anything. His friend was standing with his hands on his cock while making weird facial expressions. They both left and I went home. The apartment was only about 100 meters from the incident.

The only thing my father ever taught me was how to crack nasal bones. While doing it,
he also subconsciously taught me how to spot a person with personality disorder. I was around the age of 9.


lördag 15 februari 2014


My body gets a bit confused when I travel.

Yesterday I woke up like a rocket was launched in to the air. I had a dream of a snake which had crawled up to my pillow to cuddle. It was friendly, and it felt really good until I remembered I'm afraid of snakes. Bugs started running under my skin. The feeling was so intense, I freaked out with an horrible sensation all over my body.

I jumped out of the bed with panic disorder, only to find my blanket on the floor and myself standing in the middle of an apartment. I realized quite soon that I was no longer where I thought I was.

My fear of snakes started when me and my mom was picking blueberries around 20 years ago. I was about five years old and after a while we walked in to a pit and was surrounded by 30 poisonous snakes. Since then I've always been cautious in nature.

But I thought I had cured my phobia. I once saw a documentary about snakes and they were really caring. It didn't look much different from a human family. It felt like i could understand them somehow.

I guess these extremes have to convert before they can form a harmonic tone.

fredag 14 februari 2014

Champagne or heroin?

Today is the opening of SUPERMARKET Stockholm 2014 - independent art fair.

Yesterday there was a pre opening with 1500 especially invited guests. I'm here representing Platform, Vasa, Finland. An organization with an artist in residence program. There are exhibitors from more than 35 countries here.

The goal of SUPERMARKET, the international artist-run art fair is to provide a showcase for artists' initiatives from all over the world and to create opportunities for new network in the Swedish as well as the international art scene.

But it has so far been a stereotypical spectacle you can imagine goes on in art circles. Many visitors, designers/artists are so aware of the importance of making an appearance. They dress well, reflect and analyze the work of art like they know what they are talking about, while drinking free champagne from plastic cups. 

This is supposed to be the elite, but it's not really glamorous. Not different from looking at illustrations in the metro with a needle of heroin pumped in its veins. The location of this event is ironically standing side by side with the lowest respective highest terms of class. There are people here who can't afford to live in a home, and people who could afford to buy a home for every person living on the streets. Only a thin line in between. 

It's not the same with the audience who honestly just want to have a look at the art. It's not the same with exhibitors who represent a concept, gallery or organization either. It's just that most of these booths represent themselves as artists and want to show their collected diamonds in a public space.

Art is a joke in many occasions.


onsdag 12 februari 2014

This is the day

The question has been asked for quite a while now. When are you going to start a blog?

Time has brought me down to the conclusion, I can no longer escape this inconvenient question with further explanations. Dyslexia, irresponsibility, lack of motivation and fear of exposing myself have always been comforting excuses in an ongoing pattern.

But it's been too easy, way too long I've been hiding in my own justification simply because I've been afraid of not making a real attempt or effort. It's weird how hard it seems to be, instead of just trying to keep something real and creative alive in a natural flow.

I can picture myself with a scarecrow on my shoulder, telling me it's too hard or won't be good. Almost like I'm not in control of my own mind. Well this ends today. I'm finally stepping out of my comfortable nest. This is the day I'm starting my blog.

/ Michèl Ruths